Highlight Towers München

Well normally its hard to tell a good story of a Picture but in this night there were too much stories to tell.

Emergency Stairway

On this Friday there were the “ Lange Nacht der Architektur“ in Munich. It was a cold night and Munich was extremely busy, so it was hard to move from one place to the other. After some time we reached the Marriott Hotel close to the highlight – Towers. The hotel was extremely boring ,  just a promotion event.  You could also watch people bathing in their spa so… really boring. After being bored out one’s wits, we had an Idea „what about trying to get upstairs to the Roof or something like that“. 2 Men’s a plan we tried to enter over the Stairway, but there were a lot of Hotel employees who destroyed our plan. So next Plan „what about the elevator ?“ Damn we could just got upstairs with an identity card… Really depressed we wanted to leave, but then a nice situation has appeared. An old Woman who just came from the spa wants to enter her room in the 5. floor, we joined her and bääm entered the 5. floor. Ok now we were trying to find a window or something like that, but there was no window…in the whole floor no window. Then suddenly we had another beautiful idea, what about the emergency stairway, and yes we found a nice and small dirty window. Well I could not believe it but all in all the scene was not bad. And after some time we leaved the hotel and no one has even recognized that we were there… beautiful right 😀

Now enough said check the pictures:

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