Frozen Lake Spitzing

Last weekend I thought it would be time for some new Photos.  I got the idea sunday at 3 pm so I was a little in hurry :D. I decided to drive to lake Spitzing, which I knew probably good , but I had no idea, what to photograph. Normally I prepare myself before I go for a trip but this time I didn’t, no waterproof shoes, no thick jacket, nothing. At least I took my camera with me ;). When I arrived I saw that the whole lake was frozen, but the ice was too thin to stand on it. It was really hard to find there a good foreground and the time was not on my site as well. I found two pretty nice places, but I recognized very fast, that it was not easy to reach them. While walking in deep snow I fall I few time into deep snowbanks. It was hard to save my camera and my clothes were extremely wet. All in all a very exiting trip, and I have tried to break  my comfort zone a bit ;). Ahh what I forgot to say, it was pretty awesome to wait in wet clothes for the rising of the milky way. 😀

enough said check them out.

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