Yesterday was really awesome day, I made great pizza , opens up a bottle of good wine and revel in the memories, of a good time I had in Rome. Today I decided to rework a bunch of my old Pictures I have made there.  Well I thinks its interesting for you to know a bit more about the stories behind the Pictures:2015-02-28 17.34.06

  • I have visited the Colosseum 3 times in my Rome trip, at night , at day and in the early Morning 😀 and all these in a 3 days trip.
  • We were waiting about 2 hours on the bridge to make this famous Vatican picture at sunset.
  • The Pantheon Picture was made out of 5 shots a 120 sec exposure time to subtract the humans out of the Image.
  • And I found a way to have a clean interior picture of the St. Peter’s Basilica with using the altar as a foreground.


Here are the Pictures,

I hope you like them as much as I do.





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