Last week I was shopping in Landshut a small town not far away from my hometown. While walking through there picturesque Old Town I got to the point, that some day I have to photograph that colorful facades. Mah  I really was not planning to do this this weekend, but as usual things are changing rapidly.

I want to show you now 2 Pictures of the old centre, which I have made yesterday and a very old picture which i have taken years ago.

I also want to add a special technique, for those who are interested:

„How to clean crowded cityscapes“

  1. Use an ND Filter to do  long exposure Images 30s / shot.
  2. Make a couple of Pictures a would say about 5-6
  3. add all pictures as layers in Photoshop and align them.
  4. now the important step, the math behind that stacking method. You have to stack the Images tree times so you need 3 copies of each layer. You have to process the average of the Stack , the Median, and the Highest Value. All these could be done in the Smart Layer Stacking Menu.
  5. So now you  have 3 different Stacks, I would prefer using the Median and the Highest value stack to create the Final perfect image. Add Layermasks to the stack and use the best regions in each stack.

 „Why it is stupid to make long exposure that takes several minutes?“

  1. Your Sensor get extremely hot and you will get „Hotpixels
  2. You just make an average off that time, which means if a car stands there for the half of that time you will see it. In case you do more images you will have bunch of them were the car is not visible.
  3. Ghosts on picture are normally darker than the original region you want to have in the background, so they were just cut out by Highest Value Stacking.
  4. You will decrease noise and increase sharpness when you use the Median Stacking method


Median, Average Highest Value what???



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