artistical view of London „London aus Sicht eines Künstlers“

London eine wunderschöne Stadt die wirklich viele tolle Geschichten zu erzählen hat! Hier möchte ich euch meine Sicht zeigen.


Last week I was shopping in Landshut a small town not far away from my hometown. While walking through there picturesque Old Town I got to the point, that some day I have to photograph that colorful facades. Mah  I really was not planning to do this this weekend, but as usual things are changing … Weiterlesen Landshut


Yesterday was really awesome day, I made great pizza , opens up a bottle of good wine and revel in the memories, of a good time I had in Rome. Today I decided to rework a bunch of my old Pictures I have made there.  Well I thinks its interesting for you to know a … Weiterlesen Rome

Highlight Towers München

Well normally its hard to tell a good story of a Picture but in this night there were too much stories to tell. On this Friday there were the " Lange Nacht der Architektur" in Munich. It was a cold night and Munich was extremely busy, so it was hard to move from one place … Weiterlesen Highlight Towers München