Exclusive Fineart


Are you interested in a very special piece of Artwork, then you are right in the
Exclusive Fine art section.


I want to begin with the basis of a print, the GROUND MATERIAL:

For large-sized prints it’s really necessary to  use ultra strong ground materials,
otherwise bendings would destroy the look of your unique piece. That’s why
i use only full aluminium background plates, for glass or acrylic covered prints.
If you like the look of canvas prints with its warmth and mediterranean flair,
I really can recommend a very special kind of textile print.
That Textile is free of all harmful substances, it has fine smooth structures and is
mounted on a stable wood stretcher frame.

The main part the PAPER

For board prints i use normally the Fujy Crystal DP II. This paper is really unique , it’s very robust, colorful and vibrant, and has a soft gloss. Its designed on museum standards and the perfect ground for exceptional fine art.
My Textile prints are made with a quiet new technique which is called „thermal sublimation“. This technique allows to transfer a high-resolution print on to a textile
surface. The colors are vibrant and vivid, even better than normal canvas prints.
The fabric is also resistant to external influences such as scratches, chemicals, or UV rays.

The COVER, protection and appearance:

Here you have the choice of using either Anti Reflective Glass or Acrylic Glass. A print behind real glass is extremely difficult to produce, but the best thing you have ever seen. The dept of an image is enormous with this cover, you will recognize almost no reflections and it will protect your picture perfectly. Acrylic glass is a very good option if you like gloss and reflections, it’s the perfect choice for bright and vivid pictures. The protection is also very good and it’s not as heavy as real glass. I can not recomment the use of Acrylic covers close to windows.

if you like, put a FRAME around it:

A modern way of framing is available for all of my prints. the floating frame, which is an empty wood frame mounted on the wall around your board. this frame increase the size of your print and let it stand out of your wall. For textile prints i can also recommend a tiny shadow gap frame which increases the valency a lot.
This allows to better separate the print from the wall and add also some natural flair to it.

if you feel convinced, I would like to invite you to a non binding inquiry of your unique Fine-art-print