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You may purchase top-quality prints from all of the images you find on this site or on the shop. Simply send me and E-mail and we can arrange prices and sizes. Maximum sizes vary from one image to the next. Many factors dictate the maximum size that I feel comfortable printing any given image, such as the format and conditions at the time of capture. I will only print images at sizes that meet my high expectations for quality and detail throughout.

When purchasing a Prech Stefan print, you can expect meticulous attention to details such as color accuracy and sharpness. I guarantee all of my work. My prints will appear as vivid as any you have seen. All of my open-edition printing is done with the finest printers and papers available today.

All images will be packaged with great care to ensure all goes smoothly. My turn-around time for all print orders can be as soon as 2 weeks, but is often closer to 2 months due to my travels, so if you need your print quickly please inquire first. If I am expecting any particularly extensive delays due to field work or other absence, I will make every effort to notify you of this. Please feel free to contact me regarding specific print questions at any time.

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In addition to my printing services for individuals, I also offer significant quantity discounts for corporate offices or any other business interested in acquiring five or more prints. If you are interested in making a large purchase for your office space, please contact me directly to work out the details. There may be no better way to enhance your office environment than to decorate it with these spectacular and inspiring landscape images!


If you are interested in licensing any images on this website to be used by an environmental charity or other organization with a focus on protecting our natural lands may contact me to apply for a significant discount or free licensing of my images for your publication. I make every effort possible to assist environmental groups and charities in their mission.


I offer a range of exciting photo trips and instruction for all levels and abilities!
Please do not be shy and ask for meet and greet.