Spätsommer in den Dolomiten

Ein ruhiger Spätsommer Abend, eine Stunde vor Sonnenuntergang, das Licht steht tief und taucht die Szene in mediterane Farben. Die harten Kontraste der kantigen Dolomiten bilden eine schöne Harmonie mit dem weichen Gradienten des Himmels.

On the Edge „abenteuerliche Selfies“

Ich habe mir Gedanken über emotionale Bilder gemacht seht was dabei rauskam!


Der Barmsee... er wird mir lange in erinnerung bleiben!

Frozen Lake Spitzing

Last weekend I thought it would be time for some new Photos.  I got the idea sunday at 3 pm so I was a little in hurry :D. I decided to drive to lake Spitzing, which I knew probably good , but I had no idea, what to photograph. Normally I prepare myself before I … Weiterlesen Frozen Lake Spitzing

Wallberg Tegernsee

Two weeks ago I spent a day on the "Wallberg" ( Tegernsee, Bavaria)  and I think the Photos are not bad. Just take a look when you are interested in. I hope you ll like it 🙂

„Bavarian Canada“

The Isar is a river in Tyrol and Bavaria. Its source is in the Karwendel range of the Alps in Tyrol. It enters Germany near Mittenwald, and flows through Bad Tölz, Munich, and Landshut before reaching the Danube. In my opinion the Isar Valley near Bad Tölz is one of the beautiful places in Bavaria. … Weiterlesen „Bavarian Canada“

Schloss Ringberg

Pictures from "Schloss Ringberg". I want to say thank you, I really enjoyed the trip.I got a few times cold feed and it was often hard to manage, but i think the results are quite ok. Timelapse Video:

Großer Arber

A nice and beautiful day in the "Bavarian Forest". It was very cold and dark in the end, but all in all a great trip which I can absolutely recommend. If you take a detailed look on the pictures you can see a "rainbow" called halo around the sun. The view was amazing and I … Weiterlesen Großer Arber