On the Edge „abenteuerliche Selfies“

Ich habe mir Gedanken über emotionale Bilder gemacht seht was dabei rauskam!

Sturm „Niklas“

Die Naturgewalten eines Sturms

Solar Eclipse

Hey Folks, sorry for the delay, but here are my eclipse Pictures.  

Frozen Lake Spitzing

Last weekend I thought it would be time for some new Photos.  I got the idea sunday at 3 pm so I was a little in hurry :D. I decided to drive to lake Spitzing, which I knew probably good , but I had no idea, what to photograph. Normally I prepare myself before I … Weiterlesen Frozen Lake Spitzing


In the last days I thought a lot about how to make a unique "Moon" picture. While driving to my work I see suddenly something unbelievable. The Moon combined with a magical sunrise. I never though about photographing the Moon while daylight. Well what should I say, it's a lot of luck to get this … Weiterlesen Moonrise